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    Swim Lessons Darwin – All levels!

    Swim Lessons Darwin – All levels!

    Swimming at any age is fun, but taking the plunge to gain new skills or to learn to swim when your children are already swimming can be a real challenge.

    Here at NT Swim School, an affiliate of HG Fitness, we offer adult swim lessons darwin for all ages, goals and abilities. Whether you’re a beginner, you want to swim for pleasure, enter a specific race, gain confidence or work on your technique we have you covered.

    Our lessons are held six days a week in the evenings on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

    For the Dry Season we will introduce 6am morning squads for those who like to swim for fitness all year round, but find the public pool a bit chilly.

    We try to get a ratio of five adults to one teacher to ensure your needs are met. Remember that adult swim lessons darwin should be fun and rewarding, our teachers at NT Swim School will be very happy to focus on your goals and objectives, so please let us know!

    If you are interested in taking up this challenge come and see us at 12 Caryota Court, Coconut Grove or contact us on 89481000.

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