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    Territorians keen to work off xMas cheer!

    EVERY second Australian is a little bit chubbier than they were pre-Christmas, a new survey found.
    The Priceline Pharmacy online survey of 2052 people found one in two normally gained extra weight over the holiday season.
    About 60 per cent put their weight gain between 2-5kgs.
    Jingili personal trainer Hollie Goodall runs bootcamps in Darwin and Palmerston, and said her first session of the year was always the busiest.
    She said people were “really pumped” to fulfill their New Year’s resolution or else get rid of those Christmas kilos.
    “About 50 or 60 people rock up in Darwin on the first day and about 30 to 40 in Palmerston,” she said.
    “Then it will sort of dwindle off a little bit, but some of them do stick around all year.”
    She said most of her clients admitted to overindulging over the holidays, especially if they had travelled away from home.
    “You get together with family and you drink all the time,” she said.
    “And when you’re not in your comfort zone you tend to eat things that you wouldn’t normally eat.”
    The survey found just over half of respondents would be more flexible with their diet over the period, but that the routine would go totally out the window.
    One in five said that they planned on doing a New Year detox.
    However, Ms Goodall said any quick-fix options should be avoided.
    “It’s not sustainable,” she said.
    “They lose the weight and then as soon as they go off it they balloon out again.
    “It’s not about going on a diet, it’s about finding your diet.”
    “I’m vegetarian, but I eat fish, and I have my muesli every morning.”

    As featured in the NT News. Article written by Nicole Mills.

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